Western Civilization I
HIST 101
Huntingdon College

Online Study Guide


In the past, HIST 101 has used both a textbook and a published study guide, or workbook.  The study guide is expensive considering that it cannot be sold back to the bookstore if used effectively.  For this reason, the History Department at Huntingdon College has published this Online Study Guide for the students in HIST 101.  This site is designed for your benefit, and it may be used by your professor in many different ways to help students and hold students accountable for meeting the course learning objectives and goals.

Below you will find links for Chapter Pages for chapters one through thirteen.  On each chapter page you will find links for the following items: Reading Guide, Map Guide, Maps, and Questions for Discussion (which make for good essay questions on tests).  All material in this Online Study Guide has been developed by the faculty of the History Department at Huntingdon College, or it is material free from copyright restrictions.

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Chapter Pages

Chapter 1:    "The Ancient Near East: The First Civilizations"

Chapter 2:    "The Ancient Near East: Peoples and Empires"

Chapter 3:    "The Civilization of the Greeks"

Chapter 4:    "The Hellenistic World"

Chapter 5:    "The Roman Republic"

Chapter 6:    "The Roman Empire"

Chapter 7:    "Late Antiquity and the Emergence of the Medieval World"

Chapter 8:    "European Civilization in the Early Middle Ages, 750-1000"

Chapter 9:    "The Recovery and Growth of European Society in the Middle Ages"

Chapter 10:    "The Rise of Kingdoms and the Growth of Church Power"

Chapter 11:    "The Late Middle Ages:  Crisis and Disintegration in the 14th Century"

Chapter 12:    "Recovery and Rebirth:  The Age of the Renaissance"

Chapter 13:    "Reformation and Religious Warfare in the 16th Century"